Client Services

Tax services for individual taxpayers

Many of our clients utilize our tax services because of our 40 years of experience at providing an accurate return at a competitive fee, be it a basic return or highly complex. Clients appreciate our thorough interview process and attention to detail, quality control, ongoing training in tax law changes and investment in leading tax software. Our analysis of your personal scenario includes looking at the big picture to identify and explain tax saving strategies. Whether your tax situation is that of a wage earner with itemized deductions, or perhaps more complex with a schedule "C" business or LLC, rental properties, security trades, multi-state filing, complications due to divorce, etc., we'd be pleased to have you call and speak with one our partners if you are seeking a professional tax preparer this year. Our CPAs and staff work hard to stay updated on the latest tax strategies and law changes through training conferences and via instant access to powerful tax research libraries. We offer and recommend electronic filing at no additional fee, which provides the fastest refund delivery! Call us at 262-524-9035 to schedule your appointment.

Tax problem solvers and planners

Have you received a confusing letter from the IRS? Do you need to figure the tax impact of selling a property? Do you have to file in more than one state? Is a divorce having an impact on your tax filing? Thinking about converting your IRA or 401K to a ROTH IRA? Are you confused with K-1 forms received from an S-corp, partnership, trust or estate? What are the options for tax treatment of a major equipment purchase? How can you treat a business loss to maximize tax savings? We constantly assist with questions like these, and hundreds of others. Our clients appreciate well thought-out answers, guidance and planning. A tax-smart solution is a money saving solution!

Tax services for corporations, LLC's and partnerships

HNL is well equipped with trained CPAs and staff, and leading edge technology, to keep your corporate or LLC/partnership business in compliance with all required tax filings. You can trust us to prepare the tax returns of any business entity, and advise you on tax and business strategies year round. We believe the tax filing process actually starts with a skilled analysis of your accounting records. We’ll review documents, ask questions, resolve discrepancies , recommend adjustments and update your financial reports, prior to working on the tax return itself. For new business formations, we assist clients with choosing the type of entity that will minimize taxes and best meet the needs of management and investors over the long term. And yes, we are experienced in the tax reporting of trusts and estates as well.

Accounting services and consulting

Whether it's year-end assistance with adjusting and closing the books, or ongoing month-by-month complete accounting for your small business, the CPAs at HNL have the human expertise, technology and systems that your business requires. On a basic level we’ll assist your business with maintaining accounting records and bookkeeping so that you can process financial statements which are a critical tool for financial management. We have also assisted many small business owners with implementing easy to use software, such as Quickbooks, providing you with control over your cash position, receivables, and operating results. In addition to skilled accounting services, you’ll appreciate having your HNL partner on call as a trusted business, tax and management advisor. If your business is required to issue financial statements to lenders or other outside parties, you would require a CPA “compilation” (the basic, no assurance provided) or perhaps even a “review” (limited assurance) report to accompany those statements. (Neither is an “audit” which involves considerable testing of your records.)

Consulting for Quickbooks and Peachtree

Over the years our staff has spent thousands of hours working with, training, trouble shooting, and assisting with these leading accounting programs. Maybe you are a new user and feel uncertain about how to begin. Clients need assistance with features such as setting-up a chart of accounts, working with accounts payable, tracking cash balances and the ability to reconcile bank accounts, printing the critical financial reports, and may others. We have assisted with these and dozens of other questions for years. We can help you learn and guide you through the maze of screens in simple, straightforward language. You'll be up and running quickly and accurately! Even our experienced clients often call us when they need to run a special report or handle a special transaction. We help make sure that Quickbooks or Peachtree work smoothly and efficiently as powerful tools for your business!

IRS representation for audits and collection matters

As CPAs we are trained and experienced to strongly serve as your advocate in the event of an IRS audit or inquiry. Are your taxes unpaid and are you concerned about adverse actions that may be taken by IRS or state tax collectors? Do not delay, or you may experience the heavy hand of the IRS in the form of a tax lien, wage garnishment or the seizure of funds from your bank account. At HNL we can meet with you and outline options to best resolve the tax debt. Depending on a personal financial analysis and many factors, options may include:

Installment Agreement based on your ability to pay a certain amount each month

Offer in Compromise to settle the debt for a lesser amount as a lump sum, based on IRS guidelines

Currently not Collectible Status means the IRS temporarily ceases the enforcement of collection of your taxes, in cases of very difficult financial hardship. If your income level improves in a later year, the IRS may reactivate your case for collection.

Any agreement with the IRS is contingent upon the filing of any past due tax returns and ongoing compliance with filing and paying taxes when due in future years.

Business Valuations

Whether you are thinking of buying a new business, or require a valuation of your existing business for selling, stock or gifting strategies, the amount attached to the value of your business becomes critical. We can provide useful and objective analysis to assist you in the valuation of any business in which you have an interest.